Ideas for a Small Wedding


The last year has ruined many wedding plans across the country. The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent social distancing measures and lockdowns has meant that many happy couples have had to postpone their big day, change their plans completely to make them as small as possible to comply with new rules, or cancel the wedding day entirely. What this has meant for any couple engaged and looking to plan a wedding for 2021, is that it is better to think small to begin with. You might not have the grand wedding you first envisaged, but a small wedding can still be a lot of fun and still hold a precious place in your memories for years to come, as you celebrate with your family and friends and the people you love the most. Here, we take a look at a few ideas of how to plan a small wedding.

Have your guests stay in one place Planning a smaller wedding allows you to invite a certain number of guests that fits the capacity of accommodation at your wedding venue. It makes a longer event of the entire wedding if every guest is staying in the same hotel, where the wedding ceremony is taking place, or where the reception is taking place. It brings everyone together before and after and gives a chance to get everyone together the morning after the wedding too, have breakfast together and already reminisce about the magical night before.

Personalise the wedding even further You can design and create more things for the wedding at home in a DIY fashion if you have a smaller wedding. If the wedding only has 30 guests instead of 130, you can afford to take your time and make individual guest invites, or individual favours for the tables at the reception that have a personal touch and are relevant to each guest.

Go big on your wedding dress With a smaller wedding, you might have more of a budget to go towards a wedding dress. Choosing a bridal boutique that you trust, helps the bride to find the perfect wedding dress. It might not be what you envisaged, looking for a wedding dress during a pandemic, but it might just give you that personal touch and care of attention on a one-to-one basis that just isn’t always possible with a bridal party on the hunt for a bridal gown.

Put your money into the food Another benefit to having a smaller wedding guestlist is that you can pay more attention to the food. Preparing the food for a large wedding party can be difficult, with different tastes, food intolerances and allergies to take into consideration. With a smaller amount of people to feed, you can stretch your budget further, offering gourmet options and being a bit more extravagant with your choices.

Having the ideas is one thing, putting them into practice is another entirely. Under normal circumstances, you have to trust your suppliers when it comes to planning a wedding. Under lockdowns and social distancing measures due to Covid-19, there is more of an imperative than ever before to have complete trust in your wedding suppliers and planners. Look to find the best wedding venue that can help you plan the safest small wedding possible, hire the right caterers and find the best bridal boutique for a wedding dress that matches your style and the theme of your wedding perfectly.

Kalvin Felix
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