Hiring Wedding Videographers? Don’t Miss These 4 Points!


Your wedding video should tell the tale of your love. You don’t need just another videography service for the big day, but a team of professionals, who know what it takes to capture a wedding through lenses. Today, if you look for wedding videography services in your city, you are likely to find more than a dozen of options. What does it take to hire the rightvideographer? We have a few tips below for your help!

  • Be specific. The role of a wedding videography is to bring depth into a film, and they often rely on the best of video equipment and tools for that. It is also a trend to use drones to take panoramic shots of the venue and event, which adds more charm to the beauty of the film. If you have specifics in mind, or want to take inputs on how to select a location for a better wedding film, share the same with shortlisted videography services. They should be able to come up with custom ideas.
  • Pricing is depending on many factors. That’s often an aspect that many clients ignore. When it comes to wedding video pricing, the costs depend on factors like location, duration of the event, if there are pre-wedding shoots, and everything else that the couple demands. For instance, an Asian wedding can involve considerably more work for the wedding videography team.

  • Showreel does matter. Yes, that’s true too! You don’t want to hire a wedding videography service without looking at some of their recent work. Also, ask them about their standard packages, and what things are included in that price. It is always possible to add on or get rid of certain aspects. For instance, you may not want a wedding film trailer. Select a wedding videography team based on their work, and not the price.
  • Ask for other details. There are a few questions worth asking a wedding videography service. For example – Will they assign a dedicated team for the big day? Who will coordinate things with the families? Do they offer a wedding film teaser? Are the videographers willing to travel outside the side? If you have not booked the venue, do they have any recommendations? What kind of additional discounts do they offer? Do they have any military or service discounts?

Make sure that wedding film becomes a collaborative effort with the service you choose.

Kalvin Felix
the authorKalvin Felix